Secrets of the Tarot

A New Augmented Reality Look At The Torah In The Tarot Cards

Secrets of the Tarot, a new Augmented Reality look at The Torah in the Tarot cards, blends history, art and cutting-edge visual technology in a unique presentation revealing the 400-year-old lost, forgotten and secret Judaic origins of the world-famous Tarot de Marseille.

Coming Spring 2023!

The tradition of Tarot card reading dates back to the 1400s. But it’s only recent that scholarship has surfaced, showing the possible crypto-Judaic roots of Tarot.

The Torah in the Tarot cards are a reproduction of the 22 major arcana of The Jean Noblet Tarot de Marseille, created in France circa 1650, with an explanation of the Hebrew letters, Judaic ritual objects, Torah stories & Jewish holy days hidden in its images. The original, intended, and forgotten meaning of the cards is revealed when examined through the lens of traditional Judaism.

Presenting the lens shattering, symbolic vision of tarot theorist Stav Appel, the Secrets of the Tarot experience uncovers a story of crypto-Judaism as the work centers on the discovery of profound Judaic symbolism hidden within the cards of the Tarot de Marseille, an icon of French cultural antiquity.

About the Team

Jonathan Prince Studio / Berkshire House is home to JPS Digital, the art and technology projects division of Jonathan Prince Studio.

Jewish Arts Collaborative (JArts) explores and celebrates the diverse world of Jewish art, culture, and creative expression.

Stav Appel is the author of Torah in the Tarot and lifelong Torah scholar.

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