Building a Social Tablecloth

Blog post #2 in the documentation of Freedom and Exile, a forthcoming public art project by London-based artist Julia Vogl.

By Julia Vogl

At the end of April, I will be in Boston presenting some of my work and those I meet will have the opportunity to engage in a new social sculpture I am devising. You may be wondering “but what is a social sculpture?”

Taken from the term coined by artist Joseph Beuys in the 1970s, I re-interpret social sculpture to articulate an artwork that is socially engaging, fostering people to share (not necessarily artistically), and as a result their shared data, stories, and participation builds a literal collective object — or sculpture. In this way I invite a group of strangers to become a community who can be represented individually and collectively simultaneously.

The conversations that happen while making this social sculpture will contribute to the ultimate city-wide installation I make in a year. The social sculpture will also illustrate the different ideas and values that are key to the many individuals and communities that make up Boston. The social sculpture hopes to unpack in conversation the concepts of movement, travel, and freedom while forming a tablecloth that will inform the final public piece. And while that may sound daunting, I promise it will be accessible, fun and not require any sewing skills!

Join Julia for Shabbat dinner on Friday, April 28th and be a part of this process! Tickets and info HERE.