Kolture is a one-stop digital destination for
Jewish arts and culture, the first of its kind.

Expertly curated and powered by the award-winning cultural hub JArts, Kolture makes Jewish engagement easier than ever, with thematic content designed to spark meaningful conversation among diverse Jewish audiences and communities.    

More than just a content platform, Kolture offers a framework for guided conversation with thoughtful conversation prompts centered around a vast array of Jewish themes. Think of it as a highly accessible Jewish engagement toolbox that anyone can just “plug and play,” and instantly connect to an online Jewish arts community. 

What can I find in the Kolture portal? 

Kolture explores the depth and breadth of Jewish experience through compelling art, comedy, dance, film, food, literature, music, theater, and more. Our team of in-house and special guest curators scours the world of Jewish culture to bring you original content under an ever-changing roster of themes (e.g. holidays, celebrations, and inspiring individuals, among others). The content is categorized and archived for easy access at any time and from any place with an internet connection. 

Why the need for Kolture?

Despite declining synagogue affiliation and other signs of communal disengagement, there is a deep desire among American Jews to connect Jewishly. A 2020 Pew study showed that more than 40 percent of Jews engage with Jewish or Israeli content, while 54 percent of secular Jews cook or eat traditional Jewish foods. There is a demonstrated need for American Jews to connect Jewishly on their own terms, and Kolture satisfies that need by dramatically scaling and increasing access to Jewish arts and culture – a boon for the increasingly digital post-Covid era.  

Who is Kolture for? 

Anyone from Jewish communal leaders to those who are simply “Jewishly curious” can find something in Kolture that speaks to them. As an organizational tool, the platform helps leaders better serve their communities, expand to reach new ones, and foster greater connection to Jewish life. For the individual user, Kolture is a trove of cultural treasures that links them to a network of Jewish arts enthusiasts. 

What will Kolture look like for my community?

When Kolture debuts in Fall 2022 access will be via a unique login for each community partner. In the meantime sneak previews of Kolture content are available via our monthly newsletter, subscribe here!

What you will get: 

  • Unlimited free access to all content
    • Users can engage and comment, like, or share content 
    • Marketing resources 
    • Social media templates and media kits make it easy to share content 
  • Kolture / JArts will automatically send emails on your behalf!
    • We will only use your mailing list to share Kolture content 
    • Ability to see what your community is most interested in via the administrator dashboard  
    • Users will get a customized number of emails based on your community preferences 
    • Users can unsubscribe at any time 

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Season sponsors

With deepest thanks to our lead sponsors who make this work possible. Julie and Ronald M. Druker, The Klarman Family Foundation, the Krupp Family Foundation, Myra Musicant and Howard Cohen, and Millicent C. Starr Charitable Trust.