Artist Beit Midrash

A New Jewish Learning Salon

Created by the Jewish Arts Collaborative and Hebrew College, the Artist Beit Midrash brings together several dozen area artists working across mediums, to study Jewish text, share their creative process, and build community.  Group meetings are guided by a different theme each quarter, and involve the exploration of texts ancient to modern, from a variety of thinkers across modalities.

“The Greater Boston Jewish community is home to artists of many kinds, from visual artists to musicians and more. What is missing is a space for those people to come together, deepen their Jewish learning, and connect with each other.”

– Anthony  Russell,  project  co-creator

“There is so much to explore in Judaism that can enrich our lives as artists and our creative process. We can delve into Jewish history and texts that speak to the role of artist as Creator, or our engagement in the societal challenges facing us, or how memory and trauma function in our art, or how we build resilience and joy in troubling times.”

 – Rabbi Shoshana Meira Friedman, Hebrew College

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