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Of Two Place: A Mixed Media show by artist Caron Tabb

Of Two Places, the new show by mixed media artist Caron Tabb, asks what does it mean to be of two places? Home, immigration, and identity are recurrent themes in Tabb’s most recent work, encompassing what it means to be simultaneously Israeli and American. With pieces such as a bed made of chicken wire, a quilt of Israeli and American newspapers, and a tablecloth literally woven from family recipes, Caron’s multifaceted and symbol-laden works evoke the experience of belonging to two places at the same time, touching on themes of memory, activism, and community.

On exhibit: Oct 4-27, 2019

Join us for a closing reception and artist talk on Sunday, October 27th at 1pm.

“I believe that in the current political climate it is imperative that we promote a climate of understanding through education and dialogue, a glimpse into someone else’s reality and challenges. This exhibition can promote a conversation about acceptance, tolerance and the celebration of our unique differences.” – Caron Tabb

Presented in partnership with the Beacon Gallery.


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October 4th, 2019




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