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JLAB | Giraffes on Horseback Salad

The Marx Brothers, Salvador Dali,
and The Strangest Movie Never Made


This true story of the movie Salvador Dali wanted to make with The Marx Brothers is as surreal and zany as anything they have ever put on film or canvas. Written in 1937, the screenplay for this absurd love story (Harpo Marx as a Spanish aristocrat) was lost until 1996 when it was discovered among Dali’s personal papers. Author, playwright, and owner of a mini drive-in theater in Austin, TX, Josh Frank spent five years researching and adapting the story to a graphic novel format and even producing an accompanying soundtrack. Frank shares the story of this weird and wonderful adventure in a multi-media presentation and conversation.

~ Take an online look at the book, here. ~

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June 2nd
7:30 pm


18 – 35



MA United States