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Gallery @ Mayyim Hayyim



JArts and Mayyim Hayyim share a passion for featuring inspiring local art. Join us for three co-curated shows throughout the year at Mayyim Hayyim: Community Mikveh and Education Center. 

Opening Reception September 19, 2019

Nigun | Notations on Prayer 

Works by Shelby Feltoon, Stacy Friedman, and Emily Mogavero

Show runs September 1-December 30, 2019

Nigun, by emerging artists Shelby Feltoon, Stacy Friedman and Emily Mogavero explores how we visually represent and understand niggunim, repetitive wordless prayer.


Artist statements:
Shelby Feltoon:  My work aims to create a space for untouchable collective memories to become personal, real, and valid.  

Stacy Friedman:  Inspired by old family photographs and extensive family history research, these prints are an investigation into lineage, memory, Jewish identity and community.   

Emily Mogavero:  Aufheben means to both destroy and preserve, to elevate and decimate. I began this series by making fifty prints from the same zinc plate, modified between each print. Introducing new elements created a spontaneous rhythmic conversation. 


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September 19th, 2019
September 19th, 2019




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The Gallery at Mayyim Hayyim

1838 Washington Street
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