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Gallery @ Mayyim Hayyim Spring 2021

Since 2018, JArts has partnered with Mayyim Hayyim, to present high quality Jewish art in the beautiful space at the Mayyim Hayyim in Newton, MA, a community mikveh and education center. Due to COVID, the Gallery has not been open to the public as in previous seasons, but this partnership is still bringing you opportunities for viewing and interactive engagement.
For the Spring 2021 season, artist Tova Speter will be participating in an exhibit at Mayyim Hayyim when the Gallery can safely reopen.  The piece is entitled ‘Ripple,’ and is a multi-medium artistic work, with an online, interactive component.

  • View  the work.
  • Respond  with your own creativity any way you’d like. You can write a poem, make a collage, take a photograph, etc.
  • Share at #JArtsTranslations

‘Ripple’ is part of a series of Translation projects with artist Tova Speter. View more here.

More About the Gallery @ Mayyim Hayyim

The Gallery @ Mayyim Hayyim opened in January of 2006 with a juried show that featured 23 regional artists who submitted work on the theme, “Everything Begins in the Water.”  Since then we have hosted more than 40 exhibits, featuring artists working in a variety of media including (among others) sculpture, paintings, photography, lithography, fabric arts, blown glass, and video installation.

In 2018, Mayyim Hayyim entered into a partnership with the Jewish Arts Collaborative, an organization that shares our commitment to presenting high quality art that inspires. Working together, we will welcome new audiences to the gallery and become a resource for Jewish arts education.

The Gallery @ Mayyim Hayyim is a member of CAJM, the Council of American Jewish Museums.

Artwork by Sergio Bautista, previously featured at the Gallery

Artwork by Elliot Schildkraut, previously featured at the Gallery

Artwork by Michael Mittelman, previously featured at the Gallery

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February 1st