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Creativity Connects Shabbat

Imagine a day when synagogues and other Jewish organizations across the region pause at the same time to experience and appreciate an aspect of Jewish arts and culture. Whether a play or a poem, a song or a sculpture, this would be an opportunity to savor the joy of both art and community.

JArts, in harmony with MASSCreative (the statewide advocacy group for the cultural sector) created Arts Matter Day and Arts Matter Shabbat, now known as Creativity Connects Shabbat. It is an opportunity to engage with local artists and invite your friends and neighbors to do so as well. More importantly, this is an exciting opportunity to demonstrate and support how vital the arts are to Jewish culture and identity.

In years past, this Shabbat has also been a venue to bring high quality arts programs to our participating synagogue partners. Communities across Boston have developed their own riff on why Arts Matter through music, theater, food, and visual arts programs – often integrated directly into their services. Given the current use of streaming for Shabbat services, this is an opportunity to offer communities across the Commonwealth a creative Jewish cultural Shabbat experience. This year’s Arts Matter film, to be broadcast on the 23 and 24 of October, will showcase how art connects us to our past, to our traditions, and to each other.

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October 23rd