How to invite your community

Invite Your Community

1. Once you have clicked the “Access My Account” button within the confirmation email and successfully signed in to your account, you will be directed to your organization’s Partner Portal, an administrative dashboard designed to help you invite community members, monitor engagement, and view member analytics.

Note: You can also access your Partner Portal from the Kolture homepage by clicking the menu icon in the top right corner and logging in using your credentials. Then, select the menu icon in the top right corner once more and select Partner Portal.

2. Within the Partner Portal, you will see a unique URL or link under “My Members.” This link is your path to sharing Kolture with your community, as contacts who register for Kolture using this link will automatically be added to your organization’s account. Click the sign-up link to copy it to your clipboard for sharing via email communications, social media, and more.

Note: Individual users can only be a part of one Partner Organization on Kolture at a time. Sharing your unique sign-up link with your community is essential to ensuring that your community members join your organization’s account. Once your contacts click your sign-up link and successfully register, you will see their names and account statuses populate the Partner Portal under “My Members.”

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