Join us for the opening of JArts Gallery, a new augmented reality art gallery.

JArts Gallery is an augmented reality mobile app that brings the art and stories of Hanukkah into your own home. This Hanukkah inspired show is the first in a series of new Gallery experiences.

Download the JArts Gallery app in the IOS App Store, and you will be able to bring animated vignettes of Hanukkah into your own living room.

JArts Gallery is a collaboration with Boston-based immersive technology company Secret Portal, powered by its Holo Gallery platform. Directed and produced by Mike Mandel.

Available for download on the IOS App Store on 12/9/20
(and coming to Android soon!)


About the pieces:

Facing The Flag

Secret Portal + Black Squirrel Studios

A powerful true story of a German Jewish family in 1932 who proudly displayed a Hanukkiah in defiance of danger just outside their window.  This experimental AR story connects your home to the Posner family’s through a magical window, celebrating the story of their brave choice and its relevance today.

Read the Hanukkiah’s story HERE, housed at Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Israel.

All Together

Secret Portal + Black Squirrel Studios
3D scanning by Direct Dimensions

This piece honors the diversity of the Jewish people, and how they are connected through traditional song and dance. White House Hanukkiah artist and sculptor Zachary Oxman’s beautiful bronze menorah, formed out of dancer’s bodies, is recreated in 3D on your living room floor.  The figures morph into an animated group of Jews from across the world, performing a joyful dance between an unlikely crew bonded by how they celebrate.

Set to music by Klezmer great Frank London.

Here and There
Sam Perzanowski

A kinetic and musically reactive sculpture that builds a connection between your home and Israel, celebrating the great miracles that connect all of us to our spiritual homelands.

In the US, dreidels say “nes gadol hayah poh… a great miracle happened THERE.” In Israel, however, they say “nes gadol hayah poh… a great miracle happened THERE.” Experience this plays with this in an animated Hanukkiah that floats between here and there.

Jeff Hesser

An abstract menorah that begins in your home but extends thru your ceiling into a vast evocative virtual space.  Towering above you, the peaceful motion is driven by musical themes of wonder.