JArts brings people together to explore and celebrate the diverse world of Jewish art, culture, and creative expression. 


As our tagline states “let culture connect us. 

We believe in the unique power of arts and culture to build connections. Art, food, literature, and music allow us to better understand the life experiences of others, and our own. By creating programs that bring us together to celebrate and elevate Jewish culture, we create a vibrant and more tolerant future for both our Jewish and Greater Boston communities. 

JArts creates cultural experiences that bring the community together online and in venues across the area. We do so with creative, low barrier programs, inviting people of all backgrounds to explore and understand the richness of Jewish culture and holidays 


In Spring 2014, local Jewish cultural leaders came together to consider the possibility of exploring more effective ways to share Jewish art and culture. Given the audience growth for the area’s major Jewish arts presenters, their history of collaboration, and new research on the role of culture in community identity, this seemed to be an ideal opportunity to develop new approaches. Combined Jewish Philanthropies and the Technical Development Corporation were engaged to facilitate this exploration. Significant funding from the Boston Foundation Catalyst Fund provided support for the process.

As a result, the Boston Jewish Music Festival and New Center for Arts & Culture have joined forces, creating a bold new initiative, The Jewish Arts Collaborative, which launched publicly in December 2015 with Boston’s first-ever Jewish public art project, 8 Nights, 8 Windows. In the 5 years since, JArts has become a valued member of the Greater Boston cultural landscape, reaching thousands of audience members each year. We have garnered national attention, including MarthaStewart.com ranking our Hanukkah Festival at the MFA one of the top 8 Hanukkah celebrations in the US, and our acclaimed public art project Pathways to Freedom receiving the Americans for the Arts Public Art Network Award. 

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